Private Custom Tour

Ideal for those with special requirements or limited time, this tour provides you with your own guide who will ensure that you come home with your shopping bags full.

This tour is designed to inspire even the most reluctant of shoppers!


If you only have a few hours to devote to shopping, or if you would prefer a private excursion rather than be with a group, our custom tour is ideal for you. Our custom tours are available any day of the week.  Tell us what you are interested in buying, and we will design the day to make the most of your shopping experience.  Want to take advantage of Shanghai’s excellent shopping but are unsure of where to start? We can suggest an itinerary to inspire even the most reluctant of shoppers. This is one of our most popular tours and our success rate for fulfilling your shopping requirements is second to none!

We’ll meet in your hotel lobby to begin your shopping excursion.

What does my tour fee include?
  • Shopping Tours Shanghai shopping bag.
  • Private tour designed to meet your personal shopping requirements.
  • A friendly local Expat guide with years of experience of living in Shanghai.
  • The choice if you want your personal guide to do the bargaining for you or, if you want some training so you can do it yourself.
  • Fascinating commentary and discussion about Shanghai, China, the culture, the people and the history as well as interesting insights into living in Shanghai as an expat – as much or as little as you want to hear.
  • Invaluable information about where to eat, what to see, what to do and where to go while in Shanghai – this information can really make your trip!
  • The assurance that your guide isn’t collecting commission behind your back.
  • Post-tour follow-up service for any issues that arise.
  • The option to have your goodies shipped by trustworthy couriers if your purchases exceed your baggage allowance.

All custom tours are for a minimum of 4 hours.
Basic cost:
  • One person: 60 USD / 400 CNY per hour.
  • Two people: 75 USD / 500 CNY per hour.
  • Three people: 115 USD / 750 CNY per hour.
  • Please contact us if your group is larger than three people.
  • Transport can be arranged if you prefer a private vehicle (cost starts at 150 Chinese Yuan per hour); this can be very useful if you have lots of shopping to carry around, or if the weather isn’t ideal.
  • Alternatively, we can jump in any available taxi which is a cheaper but less reliable option.
  • Lunch can also be organized if required. Just let us know what you would like to try – street food, local dumplings or a Shanghainese dining experience.

If you don’t have time for the full tour…

you can join us for just the morning on our Half Day Best of Everything tour.

If you’d like to have just tailoring done….

we can arrange for a tailor to visit you at your hotel any day of the week.