Curtain Shopping

You could save up to 10 times the price and pay for your entire trip to China with this specialized tour!


Join an expert for a money-saving shopping expedition!

Curtains can be of both excellent quality and extremely cheap in China. Therefore, due to popular demand, we offer private curtain-buying tours that have been known to save clients 400% or more. This tour is designed for those wanting a number of curtains or even a house-lot… but even if you only want a few, it’s still a worthwhile tour.

Suzy and MJ are our curtain experts. They will take you to the curtain market where over 500 vendors (all of whom only speak Chinese) are selling their curtain-making expertise, fabrics and accessories. After just a few minutes at the market, you’ll see why tackling this on your own would prove to be impossible. There are endless details to arrange to ensure the curtains are tailored to your exact quality specifications.

Preparation is the key to be able to successfully complete this tour. Once you have booked and paid your initial payment (via Paypal), we will send you a checklist of information to bring with you to ensure you get exactly what you want.

The cost for this specialized tour is an initial payment of 1,000RMB to have the check list sent to you for completion. This list includes all the information we will need and some ideas and tips to make the day go more smoothly. The cost on the day is then 600RMB per hour, minimum four hours (but expect it to take a minimum of 6 hours). This does not include transport or meals. We will meet you in your hotel lobby and suggest going by taxi to the curtain market and return. Rest assured this tour will save you a fortune and what you pay for the tour will be minuscule in comparison to the savings you make – we guarantee it!

Your curtains can usually be ready before you leave Shanghai – do this tour as early as possible in your stay to ensure completion. If you need help to ship your curtains, we can assist with this too.

It is extremely important to check your curtains carefully. If you leave China with your curtains and they are not right, we cannot fix them. You must check all measurements and workmanship prior to leaving Shanghai so we can spring into action if any follow up is required. Alternatively, we offer the option of checking the curtains for you (850 RMB) and then delivering them to your hotel.